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A lot of times even a great sales experience is not followed by a great delivery experience. What if that can change for your Company? What if you can easily increase your chances for a repeat sale by controlling the entire cycle?


Smart Delivery Platform

ZWONO is a Comprehensive Management platform that when integrated with an eShop of choice, enables organizations to manage the entire sales cycle from ordering, up-selling, cross-selling to planning delivery routes for allocated drivers with an easy-to-use interface connecting back-end administrators, sales, delivery drivers and end-clients.

Zwono About

Client creates and order via an eShop and can receive additional offers or discounts instantly with Zwono.

Zwono Planning

In back-end, a confirmed order is assigned for Delivery and automatically mapped to a driver’s route via an intuitive interface. As orders are added, route is instantly optimized.

Zwono Delivering

Driver uses his Mobile App for receiving and updating order status as well as navigation. In back-end, all deliveries are monitored in real time.

A Platform That Respects
Your Client’s Time

Every minute counts. Zwono enables that each delivery is planned so that any disturbance is minimum. The Driver gets an instantly updated optimized route and additional instructions on how to deliver – don’t ring, leave in front of the door, on the window or else.

  • 1 The end client can monitor real time progress via mobile
  • 2 They can fine tune their order anytime
  • 3 The delivery will accommodate to their time and needs
Zwono Planning

See the process

Order Tracking

End client receives the timeline and order “number” of his delivery

Real time route tracking enables the Company to easily adjust on-the-go and have a detailed status overview for each delivery while the End-Client can monitor progress of their individual order by its Queue number in the defined timeslot.

End-Client monitors each Order in the Queue for each Timeslot

Company monitors each Driver in Real Time

High precision planning and routing

Specific delivery requests

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